Away Guide: Preston North End

Here’s our away guide for Preston North End FC, who play at football’s oldest ground, in terms of continuous use by a league club.

Deepdale itself is very pleasing to look at, with four large, single tiered, modern stands surrounding the pitch.  Each stand has a Preston legend’s face in the seats, making this ground even more unique. Those faces being Bill Shankly, Tom Finney and Alan Kelly. The floodlights themselves in each corner are also very attractive looking, with some pleasing looking supports adjoining them to the stands.

The view from The Bill Shankly Kop of the Invincibles Stand

All of the stands follow the same style in terms of height, but ‘The Invincibles’ stand (pictured on the right, above) has a smaller seated capacity, with executive boxes built into the stand.

The Lancashire side are one of the founding teams of the Football League.

Away fans are housed in the 6,000 capacity, Bill Shankly Kop. This stand is relatively steep, with a decent amount of legroom. The view from here is good, with the only minor downside being that you cannot see the scoreboard from this area of the stadium. The concourse itself also provides ample room and as you’d expect from a modern stadium, it has good facilities, including TV’s and betting booths.

Much of the vocal backing comes from the Alan Kelly stand, which is the  stand directly opposite the away contingent. However, after visiting the ground numerous times, it has been a bit of a mixed bag in terms of the atmosphere. We’d rate it a 2/5, we don’t think the more open nature of the stadium helps either.

There is also the iconic Tom Finney ‘Splash’ statue outside of the ground.

Pubs for away fans:

Unfortunately there’s not that much choice in terms of pubs for away fans that are in any particularly close proximity of the ground. A pub called Sumners is the closest if you continue up Tom Finney Way and go past the Sainsbury’s. The pub allows away fans entry, with local derbies being the only exception to this. There are of course plenty of other pubs in the town centre, the closet being to the train station named as The Old Vic. 

The closest selection of pubs near the train station.

Travelling by train:

It is roughly a 25 minute walk to Deepdale from Preston station with the various pubs on route.


Capacity of stadium: 23,408

Club nickname: The Lilywhites

Programme cost: £3

Cost of a pie: £2.60 (Good value, and you have the option to have peas and gravy with it for an extra 90p.)


Preston is a value for money away day, and what it occasionally lacks in atmosphere, it makes up for with facilities.


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