Away Guide: Burnley

Here’s our away guide for Burnley Football Club, who play at Turf Moor. Just remember to bring a raincoat for this one…

The ground is rather aesthetically pleasing, with most notably the James Hargreaves Stand which was renovated in the 90’s looking the best of the lot. It features two tiers and has the corporate boxes sandwiched between the two of them with the words ‘Burnley’ and ‘Clarets’ written in the seats. This was where the old ‘Longside’ stand was situated, which the home fans still chant about today.

The James Hargreaves Stand // Jordan Rushworth

Things you may not know:

Away fans are housed in the Labrokes (formerly David Fishwick) Stand behind the goal, which is shared with the loudest section of the home support, allowing a generally good atmosphere to be created. You will most likely have seen Burnley YouTuber ‘Vizeh’ filming in this section of the stand next to the away fans. The seats in this stand are wooden, but are not uncomfortable to sit on and there’s ample legroom here. The view is okay, despite there being the presence of some supporting pillars in the Labrokes and The Bob Lord Stand.

The Ladbrokes Stand, pictured here as Watford fans celebrate a goal. // George Sanders

However, from my trips there it is notable that the others stands don’t create much atmosphere and most of the backing comes from the Ladbrokes stand. We’d rate the atmosphere a 3/5, they can be a very noisy bunch behind the goal.

Pubs for away fans:

One pub that allows away supporters entry is The Hollywood Star. It is a Green King pub that is situated less than two minutes away from Burnley Manchester Road Station. The pricings are fair and the food we had was really nice. On the classic pub menu, they have offers on two meals for £10. Another option, which seems to prove the most popular with visiting fans, is the cricket club located just next to the ground. From discussing this place with other groundhoppers, they’ve said it’s very welcoming there and there’s a lot of friendly banter between opposing fans.

Travelling by train:

From the Burnley Manchester Road Station the ground is just a 15 minute walk away, and it’s nice to see a ground that is situated in the centre of a town rather than one built in the middle of a commercial park miles away from the centre.

The beautiful Lancashire weather… // George Sanders


Capacity of stadium: 22,546
Club nickname: The Clarets
Programme cost: £3
Cost of a pie: £3.20 *one of the cheapest in the Premier League*

On the whole Burnley might not be the most picturesque place in the country, but it is a good place to go if you want to visit an impressive, rather traditional ground, friendly locals and cheap and cheerful pints are easily available.

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